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wordballoons's Journal

Word Balloons
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This is a refugee comic review project. It died a still birth on a Web site, but we're hoping it will somehow straggle on here.

The idea is to point out good comics to each other and to say a few things about them. Imagine The Comics Journal, but written by people who like comics and themselves. The subjects can be Web-based or printed on paper. They can be strips, books or novels. They can be published by Marvel, D.C., Slave Labor, D&Q, Bazooka Joe or no one at all. Anything goes.

Anyone can join, but we'd like to limit the posts to those who've demonstrated ... coherence. Simple as that. Aesthetic sense couldn't hurt either, but we'll take that as it comes.

Good reviews are preferred. Bad reviews aren't really interesting unless a.) the person asked for it or b.) the person is famous or well-established in comics, and is therefore asking for it.

If you'd like to request a review, drop an e-mail to the maintainer. A word of warning: reviewers don't know you, so they'll be honest and ungentle. They may not like your work. Gird up your ego carefully.