Prepare To Be Boarded (peglegpete) wrote in wordballoons,
Prepare To Be Boarded

Sincere Doubts Regarding 'True Faith'

While the plot for this story is interesting and gets you reading, it's weakly executed and does little to make you really want to finish the book. This is a disappointment, because the subject matter could have been much better treated. The story is definitely a serious one, but at times it seems as if Ennis cannot decide whether he wants to write a drama or a farce. Biting sarcasm and satire is one thing, but going over the top so that you sneer in disgust at the ridiculousness of an individual's or organization's portrayal is another.

The artwork was good, and the cover was one that definitely grabbed the eye and made me want to see what the story was all about. It's just a shame that the content could not have been as consistently good as the art. The main character of Neil Gibson is well-developed for a short book, and some of the supporting cast are done well enough to be believable. But other secondary characters lack depth to the point of being obnoxious strawmen that interfere with the theme and tone of the book.

The message itself of once-religious men losing their faith due to tragedy is one that is done often, and in most cases, I'd have to say that it is handled better than in this book. Overall, I think the book's interesting plot suffered from the writer's apparent desire to be a clever smartass. While clever, smartass writing has its undeniable appeal, Ennis did not mesh it well with the rest of his story.

Overall Idea: Good
Plot Execution: Decent
Characterization: Mix of good, decent, and annoying
Artwork: Good
Overall Rating: Decent (2 of a possible 5)

True Faith, by Garth Ennis and Warren Pleece, is published by Vertigo, and imprint of DC Comics.

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