September 5th, 2002

  • inkerx

mahfood for the soul

Don't miss Stupid Comics no. 1 by Jim Mahfood. It looks like a collection of one-offs he's done for comics, magazines, etc., which is a nice return to an earlier collection he put out of comics he did for a local alternative weekly.

Jim's obsessed with hipness, and it shows. Expect screeds on MTV, The Man and white frat boys who just don't get hip-hop. That description may make the book sound more cliche than it reads, though. Some of the points -- television sucks, fast food is bad, frat boys don't respect women -- are pretty worn, but Jim takes them on with fresh personality, humor and style.

That said, the worldview can get frustrating, especially since it only accepts the existence of two smart people in the universe: the author and the reader. And the latter is questionable. Jim's floating into R. Crumb territory here, but total misanthropy hasn't quite taken over yet. It doesn't make the comic any less interesting or any less fun to read.